General information

National Association of Investment Institutions (NAII) was established in accordance with the decision of the general meeting of founders - NAII members, held on January 15, 2021.

On February 10, 2021, NAII was registered by the Public Services Agency under the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan as a non-governmental organization - an association of legal entities.

In its activities, NAII is guided by the Constitution of Uzbekistan, Civil Code and other laws of the country, as well as the Charter of NAII.

NAII was founded to achieve following goals:

  • protection of rights and legitimate interests of NAII members in relations with government bodies and other organizations in Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • involvement in determining the strategy of capital market development;
  • informing NAII members about industry news and providing other information services by establishing appropriate links with government bodies;
  • involvement in development, processing and adoption of proposals for improving legislation in cooperation with authorized state bodies for the regulation and development of the financial market;
  • provision of methodological and technical assistance to professional participants in the capital market in order to increase their efficiency;
  • participation in training, retraining and qualification enhancement of capital market specialists;
  • active participation in improving capital market participants’ activities in cooperation with authorized state bodies;
  • participation in development and implementation of measures aimed at creating a healthy competitive environment on capital markets and increasing investor confidence in the market;
  • participation in ensuring of timely and full disclosure of financial reports and other essential data with regard to capital market and its’ participants;
  • establishment of cooperation with self-regulatory organizations in the financial markets of other countries and international organizations, as well as assistance in cooperation of NAII members with foreign companies.

The main activities of NAII:

  • supporting in implementation of the capital market principles, rules and standards in NAII members’ activities;
  • proposing to state bodies improvements in legislative and other acts related to the financial market;
  • studying of international best practices in capital markets and assistance in its wide application;
  • organization of various seminars, conferences, round tables, contests and other events related to the financial market;
  • publication of manuals, brochures, various scientific articles and other documents related to the financial market;
  • organization of training sessions in various areas of NAII activity;
  • establishing cooperation with other financial market participants who are not members of the NAII, as well as with their associations.

NAII is an ordinary member of the Asia Securities Forum. The ASF brings together key non-governmental and non-profit securities market organizations in the Asia-Pacific region to exchange information, promote cross-border cooperation and ultimately achieve economic growth.

NAII is also a member of the Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation (EUROUZ), which serves as a platform for the private and public sectors of Uzbekistan, the EU, the UK, and Switzerland, facilitating communication & supporting the understanding between Europe & Uzbekistan. 

News of state regulators

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